How often should you change your routine?

How often should you change your routine?

How long have you been experiencing the same cross training and fitness routine at the box? How do you feel about your training? Do you still enjoy it? Or do you think it's time to  change it? When should your routine change? These are some of the main questions that Cross Training and Fitness lovers have, and we at Unbrokenshop can help you find a solution.

We always have to keep in mind that its important to change up your routine once in a while. Its a great way to revitalize your training while not lowering performance, because our bodies get used to the same exercises and intensity when we maintain it for a long period of time.

A tedious routine can ware anyone out, especially in a relationship. Its important to try out new activities as couple to keep the your relationship exciting and healthy. The same can be applied in cross training and fitness. We can’t just keep doing the same exercises. We have to replace our old routines and find new routines to implement in order to continue advancing at our level.

Cross Training and Fitness

When should you change your routine? It's not just about when we get bored of exercising, but also how the muscles get used toroutines and stop working as hard as they were before.

This article will let you know how to frequently you should update your routine!

A varied routine is the key to cross training and fitness

At the gym the coach prepares a routine with all the exercises we have to do everyday, but its really important to make sure that it varies from time to time. This means the muscles don’tt devlop habits which allows them to continue to adapt

If you perform the same movements everyday, its the same as you not giving them anything to adapt to. The same happens if we always exercise with the same weights or at the same intensity.

Its very important to note that each person needs a different amount of time to get results and maintain their progress. Dont let yourself get bored or fatigued because you haven’t made it where you want to be.

Everyone has a different rythem, and the same applies to objectives too. This is important to remember, you don’t haveto feel self councious when you compare your routine to someone else’s!

There might be people who are happy always doing the same exercises because they "know them like the palm of their hand" .

On the other hand, other people repeat the same movements and end up feeling trapped in that annoying routine which can be even worse because it leads to absences from training, poor predisposition and lack of enjoyment while you train

How often should you change your routine?

What routine is right for you? it depends on your goals!

How often should you change your routine? There are about as many answers to that as there are athletes doing Cross Training and Fitness.

That’s why we have to reflect and analyze what we want and if we’re achieving the desired results with our current routine.

For example, if our intention is to reaffirm the buttock muscles and we’ve stopped seeing results with the assigned number of squats, it may be time to increase the intensity of your routine. Perhaps we’re already stagnant and its time for a change in how you train your body.

Another example is that if we aim to increase muscle mass through Cross Training and Fitness, we’ll surely use light weights and dumbbells when starting out, which see your initial progress on the biceps and triceps.

Now, what would happen if we continued to lift the same weight for a long time? The muscles are going to stop gorwing!

How often should you change your routine?

On the other hand, changing routines allows you to focus on areas that you might have forgotten about until now. Exercises should become increasingly complex over time in order to cover a larger region of the body.

What happens if I’m still bored of my routines even after continuing to change up my routine on a regular basis? Well, you should consult your couch and ask them how much should spend doing each routine. You can also ask your coach if they think its convenient what they think about you changing your exercise routine.

Coachs have insight because they see us doing ourexercises exercises and can have a better vision of what really suits us.

If you’re still bored, you can still change your rourtine, or even buy some new cross training and fitness equipment that can inspire and motivate you to continue training.

Cross Training and Fitness Knee Wraps by from focusflproductions on Vimeo.

Maybe it's also time to make new friends! If you’re more of an introvert, try talking to more people who go to the box with you. They can also motivate you more and help keep track of your workouts of the day as a routine.

Have tried any of these tips yet? Tell us your experience! how often do you usually change your routine and why? What other tips on how to make your day of cross training and fitness in the gym more enjoyable? Us at Ubrokenshop would love to know.


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