Cross training & fitness for children: Is it good or bad?

Cross training & fitness for children: Is it good or bad?

Do you want your children to practice a sport, but you’re not sure if Cross training & fitness is ok for children? In this article we’ll clear all your doubts. Pay attention!

Is Cross training & fitness good for children? Children grow through activities in which they can play with other children, have fun, learn to communicate, and run, among other aspects.

Cross training & fitness is being proposed as a complementary activity in which children can learn new skills and improve their physical form, as long as the centers where they are taught are adapted to the skill level of younger people who haven’t finished developing.

How can cross training & fitness benefit children? The same way any sport can! Although not technically a team sport, Cross training & fitness is practiced in a group and creates a sense of team work and belonging so you’ll never feel alone.


Benefits of  Cross training & fitness for children

Cross training & fitness will encourage children to learn a wide variety of exercises which will keep them healthy, which is a great advantage since it lays the foundations for further atheletic activites in the future.

The child will notice their strength, speed and endurance improving, in addition to many other physical abilities.

This will allow the child to be fit and prepared to continue playing sports as an adult. What someone learns as a child is the groundwork for the rest of their lives, and this would be an excellent skill to start developing.

The benefits aren’t just physical! Children who practice Cross training & fitness has a number of emotional benefits. In an trusting environment where you’re surrounded by other children you’re age, you feel a stronger sense of teamwork and self-improvement when facing these challenges together.

In addition, having the intense motivation needed to do Cross training & fitness, prepares children for adulthood. This teaches children that they need to have goals in order to function as a human being and to always keep improving, regardless of discipline.

cross training & fitness children


One of the values ​​that Cross training & fitness creates is trust. This is easily noticed in shy and introverted children. Cross training & fitness allows them to boost their confidence and self-esteem through achieving goals and developmenting new skills, which will also allow them to better communicate with their peers.

No doubtn Cross training & fitness requires discipline, perseverance and hard work! Cross training & fitness ensures that kids will learn these in a fun and healthy way. Another value learned is respect, not only for the rest of their classmates and their coach, but for everyone they encounter.

If you have been in a box, you must know what that environment is like, where everyone collects their materials, uses their space and respects that of their peers and where no one lives until everyone has finished the WOD. BRAND STORY from focusflproductions on Vimeo.

Is Cross training & fitness good for kids? At Unbrokenshop, we say so. Any sport is good for children considering all the benefits we mentioned above, but they depend on a very important factor: the coach who is teaching them the class.

If you think that cross training & fitness for children is the same as a group of children doing full force snatches, you’re wrong. This sport is a heavily adapted version of the main concept of the cross training & fitness methodology, now for children.

Is professional football the same as amateur football? Basketball? Baseball? Like any sport that’s adapted for kids, cross training & fitness tries to instill the values ​​of this sport in your children.

cross training & fitness children

Inculcating the values ​​of a lifestyle based on physical activity and good nutrition are a guarantee of success for our children to grow up healthy, physically and mentally. And what do you think?  Do you dare to enroll your little child in a cross training & fitness class?



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