What do I really want to achieve with cross training and fitness?

What do I really want to achieve with cross training and fitness?

Sometimes, as soon as you enter the gym do you notice each of your classmates who are already doing the workouts? Do you know what encouraged them to practice this sport?

You must have a goal that you hope to achieve with this extreme, high strength sport; All your boxmates also have their own desires. However, not everyone will have the same objective, even if they practice in the same sport. Here at Unbrokenshop we’re explaining why so make sure you pay attention!

There are some people who don’t want to marry or have children; others prioritize buying a house or apartment before getting a car; Some choose to wait for that dream trip after spending money on a masters or doctorate degree.

All human beings think differently and that's not bad. It’s actually what makes us unique and different from each other. How boring would life be if we all thought or felt the same way?



The same thing happens in Cross Training and Fitness. If you look carefully at each one of your peers or do you’ll notice that everyone of you has a different goal.

At Unbrokenshop we have identified four profiles and objectives that we will describe in  detail below. Which profile will you be a part of? What do you really want to achieve with Cross Training and Fitness? Keep reading this blog to find out.

Cross Training and Fitness

Doing CrossFit because you want to lose weight 

This profie is really easy to identify in the box. Those people have a high body mass that can hardly go unnoticed so they enroll in cross training and fitness classes to lower those extra pounds, whether it be on the recommendation of a friend, family member, a doctor or just their own initiative.

At the beginning there will surely be those who sweat and suffer the most when doing the workouts written on the board. There have already been several cases of people however, with large body mass who are very disciplined and have said goodbye forever to the extra pounds that were too much on their body.

If this is your case, don’t give up! If you go to the box and do Cross Training and Fitness to lose weight, you should go and pursue that dream because if you’re consistent, you will achieve it. The road will not be easy, but in the end there will be a great reward.

Cross Training and fitness

“If you want something, go for it. If you don't know, ask. The coaches are in the gym all the time. If you have questions, the couches have the answers.”

Don’t do more than necessary. It’s a long process, but the most important thing is to persevere, and never give up. “Giusepe who arrived 55 kilos overweight in the box told us,  that now, after three months of training while accompanied by a healthy diet he has dropped almost 20 kilos.”

Some of the exercises practiced by our friend Giusepe are 6.10 and 14 repetitions of push press with a maximum weight of 225 pounds. He looked back and smiled when he remembers he had just started with 45 pounds. Amazing, right?

The one who wants to look and look good ... Cross training and fitness also works

Another profile that we will surely find in a Cross Training and Fitness box are those who seek to mold their body or show off a good figure, and to look attractive to themselves and others.

Today image is very important and doesn’t go unnoticed. This is done so that that each person can strengthen their confidence and security in which they walk through life.

If what you’re looking for with cross training and fitness is to have a good body, but you’re doing a training or competition routine, you will definitely not be able to have the attractive figure you wanted.

You have to be honest and consult with your coach about what goal you’re looking for and they help you get there with different types of workout exercises that can help you achieve it. That's what coaches are for so don’t be afraid to ask!

Cross Training and fitness

By doing this you can build a good program to achieve your goal without wasting time doing skills training. Some workouts preferred and assigned to this profile are rowing exercises (to get ready), squats (for legs and buttocks of infarction), sit ups (for a steel abdomen), push-ups (for arms and firm breasts), and pulls-ups (for a toned back).

 Those who train for the cross training and fitness competition

As the name points out, this profile includes those Cross Training and Fitness athletes who seek to compete and have practically made cross training and fitness their life and passion.

Their level of workout preparation and routine is stricter and will require much more dedication in effort and time because of this. Those who dedicate themselves and make cross training and fitness their star sport, practice it from very young, sometimes even as children.

Unbrokenshop.com WRIST WRAPS WeightLifting Wrist Supports for WOD, O-weightlifting from focusflproductions on Vimeo.


Over the years, Cross Training and Fitness has been gaining popularity, so there are several competitions of this sport in every corner of the world. For each of these events that happen, the more athletes are prepared for them. In these competitions they can demonstrate their level of strength, regardless of how they’re looked at.

This is the biggest event where a professional player of this king sport aspires to participate, like the World Cup for Cross training and fitness! The Cross Games 2019 which took place last August, is the most important cross training and fitness competition where athletes in this profile aspire to compete.


Cross Training and fitness

 Those who want to “be ready for life”

This profile fits those who don’t want a perfect body, to lose weight or practice cross training & fitness to participate in a competition.

These types of athletes intend to have some strength and endurance that allows them to perform other activities. For example, there are several who seek cross training and fitness for power and energy because it is more athelthic than other activities that may seem simple, such as taking long walks.

"Cross Training and Fitness helps me be ready for life. It even gives me the strength to reinforce my house when hurricanes, like Dorian, threatens to make their way over here," a fellow Unbrokenshop athlete says at the box.

Cross Training and fitness

In general, it doesn’t matter the goal that each athlete has. In the box you get to share a family atmosphere, unlike a traditional gym. Everyone wants to do better! We are all, regardless of goals, inspired by team spirit. There is nothing better than enjoying training in which you compete against yourself, knowing that you are part of a community. When everyone is together to achieve the same goal, you’re almost guarenteed to be more motivated..

Now tell us, why did you decide to practice Cross Training and Fitness? What is your goal? Do you have any other goals that we haven’t mentioned in this note? We at Unbrokenshop love to read your comments.




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